Luscher Color Test

Learn more about yourself: determine your level of stress tolerance, communication skills, inner state, and psychophysiological activity.

Take the Luscher Test Online

Which of the remaining colors is the most attractive to you?

The Lucher Eight-Color Test is used to determine a person's level of stress tolerance, communication skills, psychological and physical well-being, and the presence and causes of stress. It is one of the most popular psychological tests used to diagnose a person's inner state.

The Luscher test is quite light and consists of only 8 colors: grey, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, brown, and black. You need to choose the most attractive colors in descending order. After that, the colors will mix, and the test will repeat. For greater accuracy, we recommend waiting 2-3 minutes and continuing. At the end, your test result will be displayed.

Note: Taking the test online without the participation of a specialist is not complete, so the results obtained should not be taken too seriously. To conduct correct research, we recommend contacting professional psychologists.