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The combination of colors is not only a harmonious perception of the color scheme for the eyes, consisting of different shades, but also certain rules for compiling color combinations and palettes that are used in the interior, clothing, design, etc.

Itten’s color wheel provides an excellent opportunity to choose color compatibility, compare, and get the desired combinations of shades: monochromatic, complementary (cold and warm), analogous, triadic, and tetradic colors. Let's consider the basic schemes.

Complementary combination

Complementary colors are opposite, contrasting, cold and warm colors that are located on opposite sides of the color wheel. The complementary combination looks very lively and energetic, especially with maximum tone saturation.

Monochromatic combination

Monochromatic colors form a less saturated shade of the selected color within one segment of the color wheel. These are most often chromatic (color) monochrome images: for example, blue and pale blue.

Analogous combination

Analogous colors are a combination of colors located next to each other on the color wheel, which creates a calm, inviting impression. Shades complement each other, while there is a smooth transition of each color to another tone. Examples: yellow-orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green.

Triadic combination

A combination of 3 colors, lying at the same distance from each other. Provides high contrast while maintaining harmony. Such a composition looks quite lively even when using pale and unsaturated colors.

Tetradic combination

A combination of 4 colors, equidistant from each other. The colors here are not similar in tone, but also complimentary. Due to this, the image will be dynamic, playful and bright. Example: purple, red-orange, yellow, blue-green.

Color palettes

Color Palettes are a ready-made solution for designers. Here are selected blocks with 4 harmoniously matching colors, which are convenient to use both in WEB design and for ideas in the interior or clothing.

Color Combination

The tool for determining the primary colors allows you to get a palette of 5 main colors in a photo or picture while calculating the average values of the most popular colors. This tool is convenient because all actions are performed without reloading the page. It is also possible to upload your image and save the resulting palette.

Color Combination

Eyedropper Tool is a tool that allows you to determine the color of a pixel from a photo or image and find out the color name and HEX/RGB codes.